Shoreline Sightseeing

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The big picture

Since 1939, word-of-mouth and walk-by traffic have built Shoreline Sightseeing into the largest fleet of tour and taxi boats on Chicago’s lakefront. In 2010, they approached c|change to redesign some of their riverfront booths. In the years since, we’ve helped amplify their reach with big ripple effects.

Worldbuilding in action

Outdoor: Billboards,
booths and more

Our long relationship with Shoreline started with a single task: to redesign their booths and signage to make them easier to identify from location to location. We created a cohesive look and feel across all their booths. More recently, we created outdoor campaigns for buses, bus shelters, and digital billboards.

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In 2014, c|change updated the Shoreline website with responsive design and a refreshed brand identity. We gave the logo its first update in quite some time and optimized mobile UI for easier conversion. In 2017, we're refreshing the site again, making it even more mobile-friendly.

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In 2015, we launched a Facebook photo contest and hashtag. Winners were featured on Shoreline’s digital billboards around the city, with the most popular photo gaining more than 1,100 shares and likes—a big win for a small local business. What’s more, Facebook traffic to the Shoreline site during the contest led to an 83% increase in new sessions and a 52% increase in conversions over the previous year.

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Making an Impact

Our work with this strong legacy brand has been incremental, but has had noticeable effects. For instance, before we optimized the Shoreline website for mobile in 2013, only about 20% of visits came from mobile device. Afterwards, more than 52% of site traffic was on mobile—and 20% of these went directly to their webstore.

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