“Don’t give up”: creative ways to build connection with virtual colleagues

June Thiele

It’s been 130 days and counting since c|change went remote, and in this time, I thought I would’ve listened to a lot more podcasts. I always listen to podcasts (a few recent favorites: Wind of Change, Dead Eyes, and Guru), and working from home, with much less contact with the outside world, I assumed I’d…

Exploring new worlds: The story of Adhara, our award-winning short film

June Thiele

Next time you’re outdoors on a warm night this summer, away from the bright city lights, take a look up at the evening sky. What do the stars make you think of? Do you think about the possibilities deep into our solar system, and beyond? Do you think about what could be? That curiosity—and the…

Abundance, Scarcity and John Prine: A Plea for Authentic Conversation

Hugh Schulze

At the start of every calendar year, I present a single word to the folks at c|change. The word is intended as a kind of focus or meditation for the coming year, a conversation starter. As we’re conducting creative work for our clients, we’re marinating in what that word or idea means to us, how…

Tips for celebrating Earth Day from home

Joe Gustav

I think it’s safe to say that this Earth Day, on April 22, 2020, is going to be an Earth Day unlike any other (and not just because it’s the 50th anniversary). At c|change, we care greatly about our community and the environment. Green initiatives are a big part of what we’re doing to achieve…

ASMR: Self-care Through Curiosity

Carla Czesak

A knife slicing through an apple. Fingernails grazing a sequin pillow. The fizzing of carbonated water when you turn the cap for the first time.   How do those sounds make you feel? Is there a tingling in your spine? Does the hair stand up on your head? Does it help you relax and feel…

Creative Success:
You Get What You Plan For

Megan Palicki

Marketers and agencies say it time and again: strategic thinking is a critical and necessary part of what we do. It’s where we show our worth and expertise as creative professionals and it’s where clients often need the most help. So why is the time and budget allotted for strategic thinking so often one of…

Creating Under the Influence: Four ways poetry can inspire deeper, more authentic engagement

Hugh Schulze

Much has been written about content strategy in the past few years. The Content Marketing Institute reports that “90% of top performing B2B content marketers put their audience’s informational needs ahead of their company’s sales/promotional message.” While I acknowledge the need for target audiences to receive relevant information (“a difference that makes a difference”), I…

The 5-Point Plan to Building Trust and Accountability in Client Relationships

Ryan Barrett

For the long-term success of any agency, account professionals strive to develop client relationships that last. Not just until the next project, not just until the next quarter, but for years to come. At c|change, we’ve seen atypical success in this department. Most of our business is with companies that we’ve called clients for many…

Creative Magic: The Power of Misdirection

Hugh Schulze

“Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.” –Chuck Close, painter For visual artists like Chuck Close and Ruan Hoffman and writers like Philip Roth, “inspiration” is a problematic word. To hear them tell it, the creative process requires unwavering Stoicism. But there’s something about their condemnations of…

How to Better Hear the “Who” of New Business: Warming Up Your Cold Marketing Outreach

Adrian Gershom

As VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy, one of my primary responsibilities is to discover and nurture new business leads for c|change. Like most agencies that must balance internal marketing with helping our clients grow, it’s essential for us to be efficient in how we generate and qualify business leads for our services. That’s why…

Getting to Mū
Or: The Art of Asking
Better Questions

Hugh Schulze

At one of my first copywriting jobs, I met a man I came to call “Not Enough Bob.” N.E.B. was a senior copywriter in his late thirties/early forties. At the start of each workday, you could find him at the coffeemaker, mug in hand, shaking his head. Ask him what was wrong and he would…

Sherlock Holmes and the Case for Coherence (in the midst of Disruption)

Hugh Schulze

In 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle was traveling with his wife through Switzerland, when they happened upon the perfect place to kill Sherlock Holmes. The couple had taken a scenic walk to the Reichenbach Falls near the village of Meiringen in the Bernese Alps and it was here the author decided to have Holmes and his…

What’s your browser? Curiosity versus our default setting

Hugh Schulze

In his bestseller, Originals, organizational psychologist Adam Grant cites a research study that set out to measure predictors of job performance and satisfaction. The study, conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand, surveyed about 30,000 employees in call centers for banks, airlines and cellphone companies. They were looking for clues as to what kept an employee at their…

Why do we let a robot run our Twitter?

Adrian Gershom

The best quotes strike the right chord at the right time, and this one we recently shared on our Twitter account spoke to me. It’s a quote that explains so well how our core value of Mindful Creativity is put in action every day at c|change. I couldn’t have chosen a better quote myself! And…

Notes from the film set

Hugh Schulze

At 8:30 in the morning on Saturday, October 27th, we wrapped principal photography on Dreaming Grand Avenue. It was the last of three back-to-back all-nighters filming around Chicago: at the Adler Planetarium, a 2 AM motorcycle ride down Lakeshore Drive, and a cemetery, finally culminating in a shoot on the Chicago River on a Shoreline…

When Creativity and Credibility Collide

Hugh Schulze

As I was making my way home through Cubs traffic the other day, I found myself behind a Budweiser truck on its way to its next delivery. As a copywriter myself, I’m sure I’ve inflicted some hyperbole on a client or reader at some point in my career, but reading this I wondered: does the…

More than Storytelling, Worldbuilding

Hugh Schulze

When George Lucas sold his Star Wars universe to Disney for $4 billion dollars in 2012, he wasn’t just leaving a legacy of Jedis, droids, sarlaccs, lightsabers, Death Stars, and Darth Mauls, he had fundamentally changed how studios make movies. Through cultural osmosis, he also changed how creative businesses from advertising and design agencies to…

Worldbuilding and Empathy

Hugh Schulze

She was definitely a black or white kind of woman, that Ayn Rand. Of course, there have always been people who have proclaimed (OFTEN IN ALL CAPS) that they are Right and the other side is Wrong…

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