Notes from the film set

Hugh Schulze

At 8:30 in the morning on Saturday, October 27th, we wrapped principal photography on Dreaming Grand Avenue. It was the last of three back-to-back all-nighters filming around Chicago: at the Adler Planetarium, a 2 AM motorcycle ride down Lakeshore Drive, and a cemetery, finally culminating in a shoot on the Chicago River on a Shoreline…

When Creativity and Credibility Collide

Hugh Schulze

As I was making my way home through Cubs traffic the other day, I found myself behind a Budweiser truck on its way to its next delivery. As a copywriter myself, I’m sure I’ve inflicted some hyperbole on a client or reader at some point in my career, but reading this I wondered: does the…

More than Storytelling, Worldbuilding

Hugh Schulze

When George Lucas sold his Star Wars universe to Disney for $4 billion dollars in 2012, he wasn’t just leaving a legacy of Jedis, droids, sarlaccs, lightsabers, Death Stars, and Darth Mauls, he had fundamentally changed how studios make movies. Through cultural osmosis, he also changed how creative businesses from advertising and design agencies to…

Worldbuilding and Empathy

Hugh Schulze

She was definitely a black or white kind of woman, that Ayn Rand. Of course, there have always been people who have proclaimed (OFTEN IN ALL CAPS) that they are Right and the other side is Wrong…

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