Global Convergence Forum

10+ Years

from miami to the great wall

The big picture

Over the past 15 years we’ve worked closely with a major global professional services company on literally thousands of projects. One of our favorites spanned 12 years, took us to 12 awe-inspiring locations around the world, and gave us the opportunity to interview more than 3 dozen CEOs in the growing Communications, Media and Technology field.

Worldbuilding in action

The Global Convergence Forum (GCF) was an exclusive, invitation-only event that included C-suite executives from leading Communications, Media and Technology companies around the globe. Every year, a small group of about 200 executives came together in fantastic locations to discuss what was new and next for their industry.
Our work began with the design and production of a save-the-date and invitation—print and digital versions. Within two years, we were handling video production and environmental design. And as a measure of the trust and close collaboration we had established, each year an account manager and designer were on site.

For more than a decade, from Rome to the Great Wall of China, from Miami Beach to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, we worked side by side, and along the way we interviewed dozens of leaders of some of the world’s largest companies.

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Making an impact

What we achieved is the best kind of business relationship—one that lasts and grows over time. We’d be happy to share some of the many samples collected over the last 12 years. Want to see more of our work? Reach out to us today and start the conversation.

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